The Dog Days of Summer

According to Kara Kovalchik of Mental Floss, "The official 'dog days' of summer begin on July 3 and end on August 11. So how did this time frame earn its canine nickname? It turns out the phrase has nothing to do with the poor pooches who are forever seeking shade in...

The Thoughtful Art of Gift-Giving

By Mandy Stadtmiller The Christmas of my eighth year, I woke to a beautifully wrapped present from my grandmother under our Christmas tree. Inside was a neat, ironed pile of my dead grandfather’s dress shirts. I smiled and told her how much I loved them. Later, in my...

Exfoliate before shaving

Exfoliate before shaving

  Exfoliating is not just for women! If you exfoliate before shaving, it will change your shaving experience drastically. Not only is regular gentle exfoliation good for your skin—especially the skin on your face—but it can give you a more productive and...

The Case against Foaming Creams

Why canned shaving creams are not worth the savings. If you walk into any store that sells personal care items you will see shelf upon shelf of canned foaming shave creams. What many men (this also applies to women) don’t realize is that the cuts, nicks, and...

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