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1930 Pure Grey Badger Hair Travel Shaving Brush in Black Plastic Finish

Men’s travel shaving brush for all skin types




Made of extra resistant plastics and chrome with pure badger hair, great for anyone new to wet shaving, lathering, and the wonderful properties of badger hair. It excels in water retention, backbone, and face feel. It whips up phenomenal lathers and the individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and flexible.

  • 19 mm in diameter
  • Hand-crafted with the finest materials in Italy.
  • Free Shipping in the continental United States on orders over $100.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 5 Year Warranty

Dimensions & Care

  • Knot Diameter: 19 mm in diameter
  • Bristle Loft:  is this the same or does it vary?
  • Handle Height:
  • Overall Height:

Care: After use, rinse the brush in warm, running water to remove all traces of lather. Then flick the brush over the sink to shake out most of the water and then gently drag the brush hairs over a towel. Finally leave the brush hanging in a stand upside down where air can circulate and aerate around it to dry the brush completely.  Occasionally, wash the brush in a normal hair shampoo product with focus on cleaning the knot at the base of the brush so no excess residue stays there.

Design Details

Never mass-produced, each brush is made by an artisan’s hand.  Badger hair is an exceptional material with excellent water retention and softness.  The handle is made from black high grade plastic plastic.

Since 1930, great hair days every day.

My wife got me this shaving brush for Christmas and it’s like piece of art. I really enjoy shaving now and my skin never looked so good.

~ Justin B.

I go through phases of growing out my beard and then shaving it off. I love this brush

~ Mario V.

When you want an amazing shave, it’s all about the tools. And, this brush lasts for years.

~ Anan W.

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