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Legno Beech and Kotibe Wood Wide Tooth Comb

For coarse and thick hair.


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Use this exquisite comb to smooth out coarse and thick hair. Handcrafted, its teeth are expertly carved and refined to help detangle and style hair. Always gentle, this comb is durable and will keep your hair looking its best.

  • Hand-crafted with the finest materials in Italy.
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  • 3 Year Warranty

Dimensions & Care

  • Large: 20 x  3 cm

Care: Remove any excess hair from your comb and spritz a bit of water from a spray bottle instead of soaking. Tilt your comb standing up on a clean towel, tooth-side down, and leave undisturbed until dry.

Design Details

Made of beautiful beech and Kotibe wood, this artfully designed comb is lightweight, durable and comes with a gold stamped logo (TBD) on the handle.

Since 1930, great hair days every day.

This comb is great for midday touch ups so my hair keeps its style all day.

~ Melissa J.

My hair is super thick and unmanageable at times. I used to mostly wear ponytails but this comb really helps me keep control of my hair.

~ Jasmine R.

Naturally coarse hair can be hard to work with but this comb is my new best friend. It’s great at helping me get a nice choppy and piecey look and I need far lessy styling product on it.

~ Ashley F.

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