Legno Red Alder Wood Conika Pneumatic brush with Conical Nylon Pins

For detangling wet hair. Good for all hair types but especially wavy, curly or textured hair that’s prone to knots.


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This unique brush has been made specifically for detangling hair.  The pins on the Conika brush are shaped like cones and are molded into a pneumatic pad for added comfort. When used on wet air, the Conika easily glides through tangled hair. Reduces damage and especially for wavy or curly textured hair that’s prone to knots.

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Dimensions & Care

  • Large: 2.5 inch barrel: 21 cm x 6 cm

Care: Remove any excess hair from your brush and spritz a bit of water from a spray bottle instead of soaking. Lay your brush on a clean towel, bristle-side down, and leave undisturbed until dry. Never put your pneumatic brush in hot water as it will destroy the base.

Design Details

Handmade with unique conical molded nylon pins embedded in a pneumatic pad base, it gently glides through tangled hair.  Excellent for all hair types but especially wavy, curly or textured hair. Never mass-produced, each brush is made by hand. The Legno collection features Alder wood handle and body with gold stamped logo for a modern, simple yet luxurious look.

Since 1930, great hair days every day.

Wash day used to be painful and I’d leave the shower with a clump of hair every time. I love this new brush - it gets through all my tangled mane, no tearing and breaking.

~ Alicia P.

My mom got me this special detangling brush and it’s sooooo easy for me to take care of my own hair. I love my curls now!

~ McKenna W.

I have a lot of long hair, making it prone to tangling and really big knots. It was such a hassle many days I just wore it in a bun. Goodbye buns. I’ve got the Konika brush now.

~ Monika R.

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